Susan BoyleWhen 49-year-old singer Susan Boyle shocked the world with her voice on Britain's Got Talent last year, she didn't just win a contest and get a record deal. She also became the de facto representative for every talented performer who's been underestimated because of his or her deceptively plain appearance.

Now, any time someone who doesn't look like a conventional pop star can sing, the media uses the label "The Next Susan Boyle." Baby-faced, bowtie-wearing Taiwanese boy Lin Yu Chun is probably the most famous "Next Susan Boyle" and he's already scored a record deal and performed on TV with William Shatner. He's not the only one, though.

After the jump, check out the whole list, including an 81-year-old woman, a schoolteacher, an Oscar-nominated actress's mother, and ... a goat.

Janey Cutler

Age: 81
Qualifications: 7 children, 13 grandchildren, appeared on Britain's Got Talent
Called "Next Susan Boyle" by: The Huffington Post

Danyl Johnson

Age: 27
Qualifications: Schoolteacher, appeared on X-Factor
Called "Next Susan Boyle" by: ABC News

Lin Yu Chun

Age: 23
Qualifications: Bowtie, record deal, won on Taiwan's American Idol equivalent, appeared on George Lopez
Called "Next Susan Boyle" by: NPR

Alice Tan Ridley

Age: "50-something"
Qualifications: NYC subway busker, mother of Precious star Gaby Sidibe, auditioned for America's Got Talent.
Called "Next Susan Boyle" by: Radar

Darren the Waving Goat

Age: 9 (in human years)
Qualifications: Is a goat, can wave a hoof on command, declined invitation to Britain's Got Talent
Called "Next Susan Boyle" by: Asylum

What do you think? Are any of them really the next Susan Boyle?