rc helicopter firing rocketsThere are very few people in this world with the know-how, let alone the resources, to build operational military vehicles. There are, however, a decent number of impassioned hobbyists who can and do build small-scale, remote controlled models.

From jets and choppers to cannons and even submarines, you name it and someone has probably built it. A feat in itself, sure, but what's cool about the ones you're about to see is that they shoot rockets. Tiny rockets, but rockets nonetheless.

A Thunder Tiger Raptor Firing Rockets

No Big Deal, Just a Hummer With a Rocket Launcher

A Boat Dropping Depth Charges on a Submarine

Maybe This Wasn't Such a Great Idea

Delivering the payload

A Jester Launching a Rocket

An Aircraft Carrier Launching Missiles

A Plane Firing Missiles

Accuracy? Who said anything about accuracy?

An RC Tank Firing Its Cannon

Last but Not Least, an RC Helicopter With a Real Machine Gun