ghostbustersIt's a quiet afternoon in the New York Public Library's Main Reading Room, until three ghosts enter the building. They casually start reading books as patrons and security guards look on in confusion. Uh-oh! Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Well, Improv Everywhere as Ghostbusters, anyway. The famous improv prank troupe just struck again, staging a ghost-busting in the same library where the original Ghostbusters film begins. Pranksters played three ghosts and all four Ghostbusters and they conducted a chase around the library and out onto the street, amusing a large crowd of library patrons.

The prank started when the library approached Improv Everywhere about staging a scene there to raise awareness during budget cuts. The troupe quickly decided Ghostbusters would be a natural fit. Everyone in the library seemed to think so, too, as the ghosts and 'busters got a huge ovation as they left the building.

If you want to join Improv Everywhere in helping the New York Public Library survive budget cutbacks, you can find out more at

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