dancing wedding flashmobIn one of the cutest uses of a flashmob we've ever seen, a man proposed to his girlfriend in New York's Washington Square Park in front of over 50 synchronized dancers. The YouTube video starts out slowly, with Ray Charles' 'Hallelujah, I Love Her' beginning to play across the park. You can see people looking around, trying to figure out what's happening and hear one of the dancers say "It's starting!"

Then, several couples form a circle around the proposing gentleman and his special lady and they all slow-dance in unison. As the bride-to-be-to-be starts to realize that they're in the center of whatever's going on, the man drops to one knee and proposes. She says yes and the uptempo part of the song kicks in. This is where the video gets impressive.

The dancers go nuts -- still coordinated, of course -- and pull off a huge routine, before following the couple out of the park, skipping and cheering.

Your skywriting proposals and hot air balloon rides are invalid. This might be the sweetest way to ask someone to marry you, ever.

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