giulia rozziComedian Giulia Rozzi likes trolling message boards about ladies. She knows that these are the places where people gather to "get real" and "shoot the sh*t" about "stuff" and "actual topics" in the marital, parental and relationships arenas. She also realizes that, sometimes, stuff people say on these message boards is exclusively espoused by circles of dum dums.

Rozzi's compiled a slew of her favorite message board topics and recreated the conversations in character to show what it really looks like when the human online psyche takes ACTUAL HUMAN FORM, albeit in the shape of a cute chick with costumes, flaming brides and silly ladies.

Brides: On "Disneymoons"

Brides: The "Save the Date" Stamp Debate

Brides: It's Over, Now What?

Brides: "I'm So Embarrassed"

Mommies: "Getting My Hubby to 'Do the Deed'"