kids doing single ladies danceThe 'Single Ladies' dance will never die. It will live forever in all media: television, radio and especially online, where video of good people doing their best Beyonce impression continues to be a thing.

What's weird, though, is when scantily-clad little girls perform a rousing performance of the song that's so impressive, it's almost inspiring. Their astounding ability to move together at breakneck speed combined with the gale forces with which they so powerfully demonstrate every move is truly something to behold. And, thus, the internet listeneth.

One question remains, however: aren't these very single ladies a wee too young to be dressed like Cajun streetwalkers (no offense, kids)?

UPDATE: Our sister site PopEater reports on the controversy: A rep for the dance contest says there was "nothing provocative" about this performance, and one parent says the girls got their moves from the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" sequel, not Beyoncé's video.