sylvester stallone rocky iron man ivFew things in Hollywood are more foul than a bad superhero sequel. I'm excited to see Iron Man 2, but bigtime superheroes like Spider-Man, the X-Men and Batman have all had some real stinkers in the course of their movie franchises. Don't worry too much about Iron Man's future, though, because Iron Man IV already looks like a winner.

In a mash-up trailer that mocks rotten movie sequels, web video heroes Black20 give us a taste of what Iron Man IV would be like if Iron Man teamed up with Rocky to fight an army of robotic Ivan Dragos. The trailer stars Robert Downey Jr. and Sylvester Stallone and features cameos by James Brown, Vanilla Ice, Jim Carrey and famous robot Johnny Five, among others. If Hollywood is out of ideas, that's obviously because they haven't tried making one sequel that includes pretty much every idea in the history of sequels.