yo yo pranksterThis scheming prankster pulled off a Kaufmann-esque stunt at least three times for local news stations. Kenny "K-Strass" Strasser pretends to be a yo-yo master and then shows up unprepared, socially awkward and unable to perform any actual tricks.

Somehow, he is able to secure air time without demonstrating any actual talent or stage presence. You'd think there'd be some kind of screening process before these people are put in front of a live feed.

Here is some background on the hoax:

At WISC in Madison, Strasser was booked and ready to go on "News 3 This Morning." But things took a strange turn when Strasser said on the air, "Do you want to hear a scary story?"
Colin Benedict, the station's news director, said the anchors were confused. They thought a yo-yo champion was supposed to be on.

Instead, Strasser started talking about his personal story of alcohol and drugs.

Some of his commentary is genius, Andy Kaufman-level banter. It's definitely worth watching if you relish painfully awkward moments.