Mom in Snuggie
Kelly Reeves, Urlesque
A funny thing has happened in the past two years since we launched Urlesque: my mom got on the internet! She has become an Urlesque-reading, Facebook status messaging machine. So, in honor of today's theme of celebrating moms and posting what they'd like to see today on Urlesque, I asked her to share her favorite web videos. In the spirit of the High Five, here are her picks.

You will quickly understand how I inherited my cat lady tendencies...
"I thought it was clever and cute that he could tie together all kinds of music we have known over the years."
"I just love the way the video was used in different things that would appear on the news or internet."
"I like the way that Piecaites composed the score using Nora the cat as the inspiration."
"It's so heartwarming to see how the water buffaloes got others to come help save their babies from the lions and crocodile... it's just inspirational."
"It was heartwarming when they [John Rendall and Anthony Bourke] returned to Africa and Christian approached them, remembered who they were and showed affection towards them and even introduced them to his lioness."