Cool MomMom is super important. When you're a baby, life in its entirety depends on Mom -- she wipes your butt when you poop, feeds you when you're hungry and comforts you when you're upset. As a kid, mom's responsible for teaching you all the important lessons and values necessary to make decisions, whether it be simple common sense or how to make life-altering choices. Mom offers the best advice, even when you don't want to hear it (listening to a lecture about safe sex or drunk driving from your mother may not be fun, but it sure can save your life). And, besides, if it weren't for Mom, none of us would even be on this planet at all.

Moms are such a huge presence in our lives, yet we often don't think to pause and thank them for all the wonderful things they've done. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show mom some love for putting up with all of our silly antics -- as children, we forget that we aren't perfect either! When moms aren't busy keeping us in line, they can be a blast. Here are 26 pictures of cool and silly moms being their awesome selves. We love you, Mom!

Gangster Mom

Pug-Nosed Mom

It's pin the tail on the donkey, not pin the tail on Mom!

Metal Mom

Mom rules at Pac-Man.

Mom rocks out at a video game boot camp for moms only.

A Wii-loving mom shows off her Mardi Gras outfit.

Michael Buble is a must for every mom.

This mom's a sharp shooter.

This is a grandma to be reckoned with.

Mom herself makes an excellent gift.

Mom is understanding of her son's goth phase.

Snuggie for Babies

Family pictures don't always have to be boring.

A Pretty Mom With Pretty Tattoos

This mom got her baby's actual handprint tattooed on her.

A Stylish Mom From the '80s

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

So cute it's unbearable.

This mom is ready for target practice (and a picnic).

A Brave Mom

Mom put you in this world and she can take you out of it!

Supporting Mom in Life

Every Mom Loves Wine.

Dress Up With Mom and the Family Dog

Mom At the Magic Museum