Facebook ruins Super Mario Bros.If you're nostalgic for the Nintendo era of gaming, when we could enjoy the simple pleasures of collecting coins and stomping Goombas without unlocking achievements, accepting Farmville invites, and paying real money for in-game "property," you'll love HiWiller's If Mario Was Designed in 2010. It's a joke, sure, but it's not too far from the way games really work on Facebook these days.

This collection of screenshots shows how Super Mario Bros. would lose all its fun if it had been created as one of today's popular social games. Obnoxious tutorial? Check. "Informative" pop-ups everywhere? Check. Lame "achievements" that prompt you to spam your Facebook friends? Yeah, those are there too.

It's enough to make me want to delete my Facebook account and spend the rest of the day playing Super Mario Bros. Crossover.