pimped out bikeBikes are an awesome way to get around. They're environmentally friendly, fun to ride, great for kids and adults, and make commuting as fun as possible. The breeze in your hair, enjoying the scenic route to work or just taking a cruise around the neighborhood are great ways to brighten any day.

With all the controversy surrounding global warming and other ways in which humans are basically destroying the earth by rampantly using harmful gas emitting machines like cars and air conditioners, bikes have gotten even more popular as a result. Hipsters especially love bicycles. Fixed gear bikes, unicycles, and super high rides have become ways in which the hipster can express himself or herself while enjoying their outdoor hobby. But bikes aren't only for hipsters: rides fitted with ghetto blasters or huge speakers have been around for years. And why shouldn't bikes be cool as heck? If you're going to ride, it might as well be in style. Here are 37 awesomely pimped out bikes that we would love to take out for a spin.

This makes shopping so much more convenient.

pimped out bike

This is the most comfortable looking bike ever.

Red Velvet Bike

Golden Bike

Blue and Gold Bike

It has wooden speakers in the back.

Chrome Bike

Rocket Bike

This is the perfect bike for a raver.

Party Bike

This takes a whole lot of balance.

He must be deaf.

Jesus Bike

Fuzzy Purple Bike

Dinosaur Bike

Awesome Low Rider

This must be the sweatiest bike in the summer.

This bike looks like it's alive.

The Perfect Puppy Taxi

How does one get on and off a bike like this?

What's that little wheel in the back for?

Hammock Bike

Paddle Boat Bike

This is a great bike for paving.


Yellow Rocket Bike

All he needs is a cooler for all the ice cream.

This bike took a whole lot of work.

Dragon Bike

Would that be considered drunk driving?

Goth Bike

Classic Car Bike

Old Fashioned Bike

This is the silliest bike ever.

Sideways Bike

Enormous Guitar Bike