troll hipsterA new YouTube video is developing serious meme potential. A user called Jerkstore uploaded a domestic dispute and, while somewhat icky and unsettling, it's provided a few new memes.

Jokey hipster blog Hipster Runoff covered the guy a few times as far back as last June: first, when he danced around in his undies to indie rock, then when he waxed poetic about indie dreamgirl St. Vincent.

Apparently, he developed a relationship with some hippy girl over the internet and then broke her heart by dumping her after staying at her place for a few months. The ensuing rage-filled phone conversation is now posted on YouTube for all to see, the way all domestic disputes should be.

He's unwittingly turned himself into a meme, as choice quotes from the conversation are working their way into internet parlance. For instance, "My threads are doing Ironman numbers and I don't care anymore." We think he's referring to the massive box office success of the Iron Man film, which basically means he's bragging about the hits his message board posts are getting. He also says "I'm on an internet high right now," referring to all the people commenting on his threads. No doubt we'll be hearing this in the future. It's a jaw-dropping display of professional trolling. Clearly, this guy is in it for the lulz.

We feel bad for everyone involved in this messy affair and we encourage all lovebirds to keep their rage off the internet. (Warning: Contains NSFW language)

Here's our hero dancing in his underwear to Animal Collective while giggling like an idiot.

According to this Q&A, the video was recorded over a year ago and these two are still together. Aww!