In American culture, death is a respected and feared mystery. It's regarded as a sad, often tragic event. Death can strike anyone, at any time, at any place. It can creep up slowly over the course of months, years, or appear out of nowhere to snatch a person away within mere seconds.

But there's a lighter side to all this heavy death and dying stuff. It doesn't have to be all bad: dying is a natural part of the life cycle and can be quite peaceful and enlightening (for others, of course). It all depends on how you look at it. For some, death can even be fun.

Those who really know how to squeeze every last drop out of life don't want to spend any time dwelling on the negative aspects of death and try to make their bucket-kicking as painless and lighthearted as possible for everyone involved. We've all got to go sometime -- so why not go out in style? From ice cream trucks at the graveside to beer can coffins and services filled with clowns, here are 33 pictures that really put the fun in funeral.

A motorcycle lover rides off into the sunset.

The saddest clowns ever.

Cheering him on into the next life.

The most inappropriate outfit for a funeral ever. Besides the clowns.

Malcolm McLaren, former manager of the Sex Pistols.

Nick Rizzuto, son of a mafia boss, is buried in a gold coffin.

A man is buried in a huge, fully furnished room.

An ice cream truck is paid to serve tasty treats by the grave after services.

A key coffin.

Shoe coffin.

KISS coffin.

PBR coffin. Does this guy's lack of knowledge about PBR's new reputation make him more or less of a hipster?

An eco-friendly casket which is buried beneath the seed of a tree.

Chicken coffin.

Mermaid coffin.

Coffin cat bed.

Cause of death?

Everything about this picture seems inappropriate.

For pod-shaped humans only.

Eco-friendly cocoon made from soy-based resin and other environmentally friendly materials.

This would have been perfect for that clown funeral.

Harley Davidson hearse.

Wooden car coffin.

Coca Cola "bonus can" coffin.

Star Trek coffin.


This guy hired a stripper for his father's funeral.

"Ghetto funeral."

He looks comfy.

Stylish but still pretty creepy.

Did he gamble his life away?

Pineapple coffin.

Ballet coffin.