kenyatta from know your meme explains fair useWhen several Hitler Downfall parody videos were knocked off of YouTube because of copyright claims, our meme-researching friends at Know Your Meme decided they weren't going to stand for it. Instead of pounding their fists on the table and yelling, they made a video that explains -- in under 3 minutes! -- how to preserve your Hitler Downfall vids and other video remixes when you get a takedown notice.

Know Your Meme video host Kenyatta explains how your parody or remix could be protected under fair use if you're adding commentary and turning the original work into something new. A lot of the Hitler Downfall videos probably fall into this category.

He also shows you how to dispute the removal of your video on YouTube in six easy steps. If one of your YouTube videos has been taken down, definitely check out Know Your Meme's helpful PSA to see what you can do.

Viva la resistance!