It is a war of endless fun: your friend steals your phone and texts your reply with a bogus update on their Facebook goes on. Well, anyone involved in such activities will know that when the opportunity presents itself, you must be ready....

One day, a friend of mine was on my computer, scanning through his Facebook, just browsing around. He then tells me that he has some stuff to do and leaves to go home. A few minutes later, I look on my laptop and see that he is still signed in. A perfect opportunity has just sat itself in my lap and my creative juices begin to flow.

Do I say he's gay? No, too obvious. Do I put up something really depressing and suicidal? No, that could be bad. So, I think and think and quickly map out the post. I picked a girl that neither of us were friends with, but sort of knew, and wrote this great announcement that he and she were dating.

Almost instantaneously, responses come in: "really?"..."congrats"..."how do you know her?" I figure that I still have a few minutes until my friend gets home and tries to sign on. If that wasn't good enough, that girl sends me a friend invite. I accept and prepare for another onslaught of Facebook annihilation.

Right before I message the girl, a chat box comes up and in the top of that box is my friend's name. In the bottom of the box is the message "you're dating her?" I sit in utter confusion as the events replay in my mind. I saw my friend on facebook, he left, he was still signed on and there it was.

He had never signed on. He was browsing around on my facebook page. Needless to say, I had some hard explaining to do. Not only was I taken down by my own prank, but I had this girl waiting in the chat box next to his for an explanation.

If you decide to prank your friends on Facebook, make sure you check who is actually logged in.