serenading unicorn sings romantic pop hits
Urlesque's love of unicorns is well-documented, so we were delighted to see the Serenading Unicorn. This lovable little dude croons some romantic 80s and 90s pop tunes -- by Culture Club, Michael Bolton and Boyz II Men, specifically -- in a new web ad campaign for Juicy Fruit gum.

As viral ad campaigns go, this one is pretty brilliant. Unicorns? Awesome. The schmaltzy pop hits of my childhood? Double awesome. And did I mention that Serenading Unicorn was created by none other than Jim Henson Studios, home of the Muppets? Triple awesome. Unfortunately, Serenading Unicorn's totally smooth videos aren't embeddable, but the site does let you email them to a friend.

You know what? I bet Serenading Unicorn would happily carry Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth Girl Hannah Manry to a magical land of blueberries. He's just that sweet a guy.

UPDATE: Serenading Unicorn now has a YouTube channel, and the vids are embeddable! Check one out after the jump.