world's smallest horse einstein Hi ho Silver? More like hi ho Silverware. Seabiscuit? More like Pondbiscuit. Black Beauty? More like Black Baby. Mr. Ed? More like Mr. Ed Jr. Shadowfax? More like, umm... Shadowbeeper? Okay, none of those were good, but the point is that the world finally has a new smallest horse.

Einstein, born on April 22nd, may be the world's smallest horse at only 14 inches tall and 6 pounds. Thumbelina, the previous record-holder (and still the official record-holder) was 11 inches tall but weighed 8.5 pounds according our sister site Paw Nation. So, perhaps Einstein is the world's lightest horse?

Check out this video of the small stallion.

The horse farm, tweely named Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, has 48 mini-horses which are usually about 21 inches tall at birth and about 18 pounds.

Judy Smith, Einstein's owner, loves the horse. "He's not a preemie," she said in the New Hampshire newspaper, The Union Leader, "He was born three days after his due date." Can you imagine if he had been born on time? He'd be even miniature-er.

Miniature horses are actually horses, not ponies, and have such small statures due to years of breeding for tininess. They have a variety of uses in the modern world, including acting as seeing-eye dogs.

With all these mini-horses and micro-pigs, we're going to need to get some tiny farmers.

Just in case you were interested, here's Thumbelina, now the second smallest horse.

And here's another horse that wasn't tiny enough to be famous.

And here's a small dog riding a small horse!

Oh, they have mini-cows also!