50 tysonRemember when you were a kid and your dad heard hip hop for the first time and was like, "They're not even singing! Anyone can do this." And then he'd do some freestyle to prove his point.

"Son don't forget to walk the DOG /
Honey would you pour me a glass of egg NOG"

He would wrap his arms around his torso like Jam Master Jay. "There," he'd say. "You see? How hard is it to rhyme words?"

And you were all, "No dad. It's more than rhyming. It's rhythm and cadence and lyrical nuance and streetwise bravado and a delicate ballet between street violence and aspirational fantasy. It's as culturally relevant as the blues."

I want my dad to see these videos, so he can see just how bad rap can be.

We'll start the list off with the newly discovered 50 Tyson. Look out for his album. It's dropping soon. In stores. (Warning: Some videos contain swears!)

50 Tyson

Iron Mic Rap Battle

Mike Glambin' vs. Raindrop

Don't Call Me Eskimo

Bangs's "Take U to Da Movies"

Rehdogg's "Why Must I Cry"

Joe Somebody Freestyle

Average Homeboy