How I Met Your MotherboardSometimes it's so easy to get wrapped up in Facebook, Twitter and the other trappings of the social interwebs that we forget about a more innocent era of computing. Before the web -- I know, I'm shuddering too -- kids learned BASIC and died of dysentery in Oregon Trail on their Apple IIs. The cleverly-named site How I Met Your Motherboard collects stories of those nostalgic days of early home computers.

How I Met Your Motherboard accepts submissions, but it's already got the ball rolling with pieces by some established writers. There are stories about learning Logo in a closet on an elementary school's one computer, lying about sex on AOL chatrooms and playing early games like Zork and Chaos.

If you've come of age in the post-AOL era, you might have no idea what any of this means, but you'll still be able to read How I Met Your Motherboard and laugh at the goofy technology we old geezers grew up with.