Cat shoots lightning at volcanic ash

Now that the dust has settled on this whole Icelandic volcano debacle, let's have a look back at some of the hottest magma-related memes that erupted over the last week. First things first - where did a crazy name like "Eyjafjallajökull" come from? Cats, obviously.

The Oatmeal: Cat names volcano

Can't pronounce it? Sing it. Icelandic musician Eliza Geirsdottir Newman performs an informative ukulele ditty so simple you'll have words that rhyme with "Eyjafjallajökull" bouncing around in your head all day. Not really.

The vintage One Does Not Simply X Into Mordor meme, based on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was promptly reheated. Geek trivia: J.R.R. Tolkien based the volcano in Mordor (known as Orodruin) on a real volcano in Sicily, so the Europe reference actually holds up here, though it's far from a "barren wasteland, riddled with fire, ash, and dust."
One does not simply fly into Europe

Now for some free stuff - comedian/graphic designer thefrogman offers up a variety of ways to recharge another boring day at the office with motivational desktop wallpapers! Ideal for the hardcore feline/lightning/natural disaster enthusiast. And if you still play Magic: The Gathering (?!), get ready to cause some direct damage with this new limited edition Eyjafjallajökull card!

Volcano Magic card

You know when you come up with a quasi-funny, topical one-liner but no one's around to hear it? You should probably just keep it to yourself - or post it on Twitter. In addition to news and service updates, the #ashtag offers gems such as, "It was the last wish of the Icelandic economy that its ashes be spread over Europe," or "Your momma's so fat, when she was cremated all the flights in Europe got canceled." Burned!

Not exactly what stranded passengers wanted to read while trying to find a flight home, but as William Rotsler said, "You cannot hold back a good laugh any more than you can the tide. Both are forces of nature." Plus Bjork is mad silly.

Twitter volcano jokes

Believe it or not, volcano humor is old school. The term "LOLcano" has been around since 2004, and the scientific community has long referred to "diverging tectonic plates" as "wardobe malfunctions."


Engrish volcano card

Will Eyjafjallajökull's sister volcano Katla erupt next? Will you buy volcano insurance? Either way, scientists are closely monitoring the volcano's Twitter account for signs that activity is slowing down, while also exploring the possibility that there really is no volcano in Iceland - Chuck Norris was just having a barbecue.