Pooping chicken toyEverybody poops. I poop. You poop. We all scream for poop (depending on, y'know, your level of enthusiasm for poop, of course).

Everybody also likes novelty toys. In fact, cheap toys and poop are two of the biggest reasons behind the success of so many mall kiosks, where gag gifts galore are meant to serve as the best garbage to load up a goody bag with or to goof on your neighbor one cubicle over.

So when poop and toys come together, it truly is a beautiful thing. Toys that poop -- that's what life is all about.

Pooping Bunny

Pooping Chicken

Pooping Cow

Pooping Polar Bear

Pooping Piggy

Pooping Reindeer

Pooping Dinosaur

Another Pooping Bunny