Wheel of FortuneTake it from someone who knows, losing on Wheel of Fortune is never easy. Sure, some may claim the game show is a glorified, glittery version of Hangman, but there are, indeed, specific strategies to make it or break it. You blow your dough on vowels just to win a prize; you choose an unusually-placed consonant to throw off the competition; you throw Vanna a wink in the hope that she'll turn that one extra letter.

On the other hand, stupid mistakes are just stupid mistakes. And plenty of stupid mistakes have been made on Wheel of Fortune, gaffes that make even the worst spellers in the world sit back and be like, I'd like to buy an O-M-G. Watch some of our favorites Wheel of Fortune fails.

The more, not necessarily the merrier

Anyone here watch TV?

How do you like your potato?

It's just not this guy's lucky day...

Well, we know who doesn't eat Mexican

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