Science fair volcanoIceland recently suffered a tragic disaster after one of their 35 active volcanoes erupted. The eruption wasn't the problem -- it was the contact between magma and ice which created an enormous puff of steam and hardened salt deposits. Volcanoes are extremely beautiful, but eruptions can easily destroy everything surrounding them in a large, miles-wide radius.

Since it's pretty tough to watch a volcano eruption up-close, people are constantly recreating this natural phenomenon in smaller ways. We want to know how they work. We want to know why they work. We want to study them. Most of all, we want to watch them be awesome.

For years now, baking soda volcanoes have been a staple of science fair projects and some of them can look incredibly realistic. Remember when mom used to do all your dioramas and poster boards for you? Back then, grades were always great and so were the final products. Here are 23 awesome science fair volcanoes, erupting cake volcanoes and a bonus nacho volcano.

Cake Volcanoes

Nacho Volcano

Science fair volcano