Beef hatThere's an endless number of dishes to make using the wide varieties of meats available to the people of the world. On the internet, there has recently been a meat craze. Mainly focused on bacon, the epidemic puts meat in meals it probably shouldn't be anywhere near, like bacon ice cream, meat martinis, chocolate bacon and meat shakes. (We've heard that the meat martini is particularly greasy.)

Meat is an essential part of the human diet and is mostly intended for consumption, but we've found other ways to use it as well. Some may call it disgusting, some may call it art. Others call it delicious. Here are 25 pictures of things made out of meat.


Bacon Bra

Bacon bra


Sausage Dreadlocks

Meat Blow Dryer

Meat Mug


Bacon Crucifix

Mr. Bacon Head


Creepy Sculptures

Crispy Tiara

Meaty Baby

Ham Skull

Jerky Shoe

United Meats of America

Meat flag

Meat House