Eyjafjallajökull An Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, erupted last week, creating an enormous cloud that grounded just about every flight in Europe. The problem is, no one knows how to pronounce it.

FYI, it's ɛɪjaˌfjatlaˌjœːkʏt, which honestly looks way more confusing than the word. Let's just say that news reporters found this particular volcanic pronunciation to be difficult to grasp.

Luckily, Al Roker came to the rescue with his impeccably perfect -- sort of -- pronunciation of Eyjafjallajökull:

ABC News even brought in an expert to teach them (and you) how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull:

That should come in handy when you host your next "pronounce Eyjafjallajökull" competition.

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