Homeless People SignsHomelessness is a terrible and sad epidemic that has become a major problem in the United States and many other countries around the world. Living life on the street without money to feed yourself off the dollar menu at McDonalds is surely no laughing matter, but when life gives you garbage -- make garbage juice!

Many of those "roughing it" have found a way to put a pep in their step whilst begging for change -- sending a humorous message to the world using the cardboard sign that is a staple of homeless folk. Instead of the boring old "I'm poor and need money -- please help," many clever hobos have spiced up their signs with funny and creative quips. This tactic is indicative of a homeless individual with a positive attitude and probably rakes in way more change than all those other guys to boot. Here are 28 pictures of strange, clever and downright awesome signs from homeless people.