News View Michael BadgerMeet Michael Badger, a guy with a perpetual sinus infection who runs a Friday night cable access news show out of Champaign, Illinois.

Badger buttons his shirts all the way to the top and delivers the news with deliberate speech that's part 'American Splendor' nerd and '80s MTV character Toby Radloff and part Boom Goes the Dynamite.

It's a nice contrast to those talking heads yelling at each other over at CNN. Citizen journalism. Citizen reading-off-a-paper, anyway.

This video is three minutes long, but the first half is a gee-whiz news theme music played over shots of road signs and telephone poles. And you're like, finally, now it's going to pick up. Straight outta Champaign-Urbana, it's News View!

And then you're treated to a guy talking about the dangers of grain silos in Illinois: "The grain is wet and could be moldy and could fall on you."

Last week's episode takes on some exotic international news before veering into an extended piece about local bugs. At this point I'm convinced that I'm actually watching the voice actor who does Hans Moleman.

Again, opposite of CNN. Have you seen the news these days? Infographics and exploding logos and lasers etching the anchorman's name on the bottom of the screen? Here we get some news about gays in the military. My favorite part is that we can email him at "" EMAIL DOT COM!

Watch more at News View's YouTube channel.