The World Cyber Games is doing auditions for the second season of their SyFy Channel reality show, WCG Ultimate Gamer. And hoo boy if there aren't some super nerds trying to woo the producers with some inexplicably unedited video footage proclaiming why they deserve a spot on the cast.

Usual caveat applies: nerdy is good. Nerdy is entertaining and a nerdy cast makes a much more entertaining reality show than a houseful of guidos and bombshells.

(Warning: contains swears!)

DarthCranium Establishes Himself As King of Nerds

I'm sure the producers are looking for someone a bit more "camera-ready," but if this kid were selected then I would absolutely watch.

Carnage Is a Soldier for Your Love

Check out that vogue pose at 1:11. Fierce.

Mr. Penguinator Skedaddles His Way Into Our Hearts

Imagine if Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock never came to New York and instead played video games all day with the curtains drawn.

Check out dozens more at the WGC YouTube channel, but beware of the "Girl Gamerz." They will bat their eyelashes and steal your wallet. Never trust a woman who says (and this is something a girl actually said) that she's turned on by gamer guys because of their control of the analogue sticks. She is pandering to your basest inclinations, dudes.