Dogs: they're loyal companions who will follow you anywhere and love you no matter what. Of course, you reward them by putting them in cages or behind fences. Well, some dogs are a little too smart for your shenanigans, mister.

YouTube is full of unexpected dog escapes, from the pooches who are a lot better at climbing than they look, to the ones who are smart enough to open their own cages from the inside. Sometimes, the owners stand there and cheer the dogs on and sometimes they seem genuinely surprised to be outwitted by their pets.

Here's a look at the canine Houdinis of YouTube doing their thing. No dogs appear to have been harmed in the making of these videos. Some owners' egos may be lightly bruised, though.

A beagle finds her opening and slips out through a weakness in the security perimeter as her companions look on in astonishment:

A dog named Kirby goes all Spider-Man on this backyard fence. It looks like he's done this a few times before:

When this dog can't jump the fence, she decides to try something a little different:

Two tiny, adorable dogs team up to open this cage. Warning: the owner drops the b-word at the end. In this case, though, it could very well mean "female dog!"

Climbing Puggle is too cute for words, must use acronyms instead: OMG!

This dog escapes and then lets his friends he can go into their cages and steal their snacks:

Little dog. Big fence. Mission: Impossible.