The wide angle shots. The overwhelming ennui. Unrequited love and suicidal longing. Primary colors and dry humor. The slow-mo sequence with accompanying glam rock.

Titled stills with twee Mark Mothersbaugh instrumental accompaniment. These are some of Wes Anderson's directorial cliches, but we love him for them.

We found the best Wes Anderson parodies on Youtube that pay homage to one of our generation's finest auteurs, Wesley Mortimer Wales Anderson.

7. Wes Anderson Does 'Lord of the Rings'

This one's got the music and editing down, but not much else is changed from the original 'Fellowship of the Ring.'

6. Wes Anderson Does 'Midnight Cowboy'

Pretty self-aware and heavy on the Anderson cliches.

5. Wes Anderson Does a Student Film

Finally, a little understatement. Bonus points for using the most under-appreciated Stones song, which never appears in an Anderson flick, but easily could.

4. Wes Anderson Does a Kid's Journal

Short and sweet - a nice distillation of Anderson charm.

3. Wes Anderson Does a Campaign Ad

Now we're talking. Anderson's iconic slow-mo single-shot from 'The Life Aquatic' recreated as a John McCain ad. Poor guy.

2. Wes Anderson Does a Reeses Ad

This clip spoofs the heartbreaking suicide scene from 'The Royal Tenenbaums.' EDIT: This Kermit the Frog rendition is as good, if not better.

1. Wes Anderson Does Spider-Man

This one's got it all. Perfect Owen Wilson impression. Panning shots. Hilarious confrontation between Spidey and the crook who killed Uncle Ben. A+