Google has released a new YouTube feature called "Search Stories" that lets you turn Google searches into video stories. All you have to do is enter some search terms, pick the music and let YouTube do the rest.

Just like any other automatic anything-generator on the web, this thing could definitely set off a meme. The thing is, the Google-made vids are cute, but most of the user-created Search Stories out there aren't that great. I think we can do way better. There's room for innovation and LOLs here and we'd love to see what you can come up with.

After the jump, I've collected the best Search Stories videos I've seen so far and even made my own mother-effing Search Story about mother-effing snakes on a mother-effing plane. Hopefully these examples will inspire you to video-making greatness.

Here's my Snakes on a Plane story:

Parisian Love is a cute romance made by Google and it's the only one of their videos that doesn't cheat with special effects.

Zombie attack! This is probably the best user-submitted video so far:

The official Sesame Street YouTube channel made a Cookie Monster story:

Hey, kid, wanna buy a website? Reader Emily sent us this Search Stories video because she's selling some of hers:

So, that's what's out there so far. Now see if you can top it!