Just as expected, the Internet was super excited about KFC's newest gross-out creation: the Double Down Sandwich. Just today, brave food bloggers have checked out their local KFCs to give the sandwich a taste test -- and because we have absolutely no interest in putting ourselves through that kind of culinary trauma, please let us present a round up of reviews of the Double Down Sandwich.

Brace yourselves:

The chicken is watery within its soft casing of "crust," the cheese familiar to anyone who has eaten food prepared by the United States government, the bacon chemical in its smokiness, the mayonnaise sauce tangy, salty, and sweet, all at once...It is, in all, a disgusting meal, a must-to-avoid. -- Diner's Journal, New York Times
...With a complete bite of chicken, cheese, bacon and sauce, this sandwich really isn't bad. While we probably wouldn't order another (unless you're really jonesing for a salt fix), we happily finished off the one we bought. We can foresee this becoming the new "hangover food" of choice. -- Slashfood
God clearly did not mean for humans to eat chicken, bacon, and low-quality, gelatinous cheese at the same time...Each bite became a grueling endurance test, as the cheese and grease began to override the chicken breasts, and the sandwich grew more revolting-looking with each bite. -- The AV Club
Indeed, the sandwich is an almost total dud. The chicken itself is stringy and none-too-tender, the taste of the cheese pointedly interferes with the mild chicken flavor, and the bacon is indiscernible if you bite down on the whole thing at once. -- Fork In The Road, Village Voice
Should you eat this? Probably not. It is very much what you think it is, a sloppy and salty mess, and will make your stomach hurt for several hours after you've consumed it. -- The Awl
In the end, I found the KFC Double Down sandwich to be crisp, mildly tangy, a little messy and a harbinger of a blood soaked world of unrelenting pain. I give it two stars. -- Cracked

(Also, don't forget to check out a report by the one-and-only Jeanne Moos. Our friend from Gadling, Mike Barish, gives a bite-by-bite overview of the sandwich over on his blog.)