I was a single mom of two. I and my kids had recently relocated and I started a MySpace page to keep in touch with all my friends from our old home. Not long after our move, I signed my daughter up to play soccer.

I'm a soccer mom, so some of the kids asked me to add them as friends on MySpace and I did. Not long after adding one of the young men, I went out with some friends and they took some "sexy" pictures of me.

One of my friends sent the pictures to me on MySpace and, not thinking about the fact that I was friends with some of the kids from the soccer team on there, I posted the pictures.

I got comments from one of the 15 year old boys on my daughters soccer team about my "nice rack." I was absolutely horrified that this young man had seen a picture of my cleavage. I knew every time I took my daughter to practice that this poor kid had that picture running through his head.