Veronica Screenshot
Some may call television mindless and that may be true. It often acts as a refuge for those returning home from a stressful day at work, filled with the desire to plop down in front of that comforting blue glow and space out until nodding off into a slumber.

But, sometimes, perfect timing or just plain old shenanigans can make us jump out of our seats with a resounding "HA!" We appreciate the quirky, quippy t-shirts that are displayed proudly as the camera does a quick pan by the sports crowd. Our eyebrows raise at freeze frames which reveal small, lesser-known details about our favorite shows.

Surreal subtitles are always good for a laugh and those working the title boards at news stations or creating the descriptive blurbs for movies-on-demand amuse us with their clever semantics. Or, perhaps, by falling asleep on the job and using their snoring face to create an incoherent string of letters where a popular television personality's name should go. Thankfully, someone has captured tons of these moments in hilarious screenshots.