In 2007, I reconnected with a man that I casually saw back when I was eighteen. Soon enough, I found that I was fairly sprung and wanted to spend more time with him. We added one another to our respective MySpace pages, of course.

We became closer and closer and eventually he began spending a lot of time at my home that I share with my Grandmother. Then, my thankfully estranged mother added me on MySpace and soon found him.

She thought she had put two and two together and then she sent him a friend request and a message. I cannot imagine a more horrendous message to send to someone that your daughter hasn't even officially begun dating yet.

In this message, my "faithful" mother called him her "future son in law" and, like any twenty one year old, he panicked. He got in contact with me immediately and told me of this travesty. His first instinct was to question what exactly I had been telling my mother.

I told him that I had told her nothing about him. She had simply looked over pictures on my MySpace and jumped to conclusions. Thanks to her idiocies, he thought he was ending up in a fatal attraction type of situation.

Luckily, despite how absolutely mortifying it was, he soon realized that I was on the same page as he was. We didn't work out in the long run, but we are still friends. I suppose that's good, right?

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