Easter, like every holiday, is an excuse to eat a ton of candy and various junk foods. It used to be about less important things, like Jesus, but now it revolves mostly around pastel colored eggs and animal shaped treats. Of all the edible chicks and bunnies that Easter has spawned, the pinnacle was definitely reached at Peeps. The rows of bunnies fused together at their sides have inspired science experiments, poetry, art, and multiple competitions to showcase such creations. The nutritionless confection can be eaten soft and fresh or what is called 'ripe' by peep snobs everywhere: left out of the package to dry and harden. This is exactly how peep sculptures and paintings are made using countless packs of the little guys.

Peep competitions across America ask participants to create a diorama or art piece using peeps as their medium. There's Peep Art for the Denver Post, Peeps Show on The Washington Post, Peeptacular at the Seattle Times, and countless features and challenges from elementary schools to museums. We the Peeple, Peeple's Court, Peepzilla -- the possibilities are endless! We've rounded up the best of the best in peep art from around the web. From peep competitions and simply peep lovers, here is some of the best peep art from around the web.