Whether you believe he's Ben Folds or just some talented stranger, you've got to love Chatroulette's first breakout star, Merton the Piano Guy. Merton's been busy over the weekend, uploading a new video of his improvised songs about the people he meets on Chatroulette.

This time, he's singing about gang signs, a romance between a flying dinosaur and a cat, and some kids who are worried they might get kicked off the computer. In the new video, you can see that Chatroulette fans are starting to recognize Merton and his trademark hoodie and glasses. Some of them even seem to have song topics ready for him in case he shows up.

The best part about the video might not even be the songs, though. Merton's adorable intro warns viewers that they might hear some "swears," which is the cutest possible way to alert someone that a video might be NSFW. Compared to some of the other things you might accidentally come across on Chatroulette, though, Merton's swears are totally tame.