Talk about lucky! One fortunate girl, trying out Chatroulette for the first time, got the best result you can hope for on that crazy site. No, not Merton the piano genius, but an adorable guy who ended up having a long chat with her and winning her anonymous heart. Unfortunately, they got so wrapped up in their conversation that they ended up disconnected before they could exchange contact info.

The girl emailed a screenshot of their chat to ChatrouLOLZ, a Tumblr blog that collects funny and unusual Chatroulette screencaps, in hopes of finding her random Prince Charming. It's an even more contemporary update of the Subway Sweethearts story, where New York artist Patrick Moberg posted a drawing of a girl he had seen on the subway. The hero of that story was The Internet, as people spread the link around the web until Moberg finally found his subway dream girl.

I exchanged IMs with the anonymous Chatroulette girl, who declined to be interviewed but told me she still hasn't found her Patrick Dempsey lookalike. Is Chatroulette the new NYC subway? Will the internet win another victory in the name of love, even for fated lovers who aren't trying to get on the Today Show?

That's up to you! If you happen to see a dead ringer for McDreamy on Chatroulette, let him know a cute girl is out there, hoping to talk to him again.