Saved by the Bell instilled a generation of kids and tweens and teenagers with a slew of "life lessons," providing its devoted viewers with morals involving hard-button issues like compulsive lying, safe sex, and freezing time with a magical spell only attained by preppy boys in acid-washed denim (if that fits your description, shape your hands in a "T" formation, yell "Time out!" and see what happens).

But nothing will ever top SBTB's moment of crowning glory, in the episode where Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie made a calendar and exercise video or something. By the grace of God, the Pointer Sisters licensed "I'm So Excited" to be used as the groundwork for inspirational television when over-achiever Jessie becomes addicted to caffeine pills to stay at the top of her game.

You've never forgotten that scene and this mash-up of the actual song over the series's melodramatic narrative will leave you wishing you could journey back to The Max (but not from the period when Max was an actual guy who pulled rabbits out of hats and definitely lived in his parents' basement).