Bill Paxton Pinball MachineBill Paxton's Wikipedia page needs dire updating. While it does mention his role as "Punk Leader" in "The Terminator," it fails to mention his second greatest achievement: starring in his very own pinball machine!

Console modder extrodinaire Benjamin Heckendorn spent the past five years constructing and programming the Paxton-themed pinball game from scratch. Ben clearly has big love for the "Vertical Limit" star and is smart enough to "store [bitmaps] in the spare 32k of the Propeller's EEPROM in the same sequence as [the] display uses."

How do you think he does it? I don't know. What makes him so good?

Watch the making of video and take notes if you want to make your own pinball machine featuring Hayden Christensen or Matthew Lillard.

Check out the game in action after the break.