The 3D remake of Clash of the Titans may have cost $70 million to make, but the only memorable part of the newest trailer is Zeus booming out "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"

It wouldn't be the first time Liam Neeson opened a film with just his voice (e.g., Taken), but the line is so ridiculous that it inspired us to release Krakens of our own. Below are a half-dozen of our original "Release the Kraken" photo mashups. And you can make your own!

A Kraken may be some sort of mythological sea monster, but we're pretty sure some of these things are also Krakens. In case you haven't seen the trailer, check it out at the bottom of the post. Want to release your own Kraken? Use our Kraken template and share it with us.

Blobfish Kraken will suffocate you.

Badass grannies unleash their fury.

Kraken Kitty photo via marcus_in_ny / Flickr.

Krakens will nibble your fingers. Beagle photo via Bukowsky18 / Flickr.

They will attack from land, sea and air.

Crash of the Titans.

Krakens will give you diabeetus.


[Ed. note: our call for your cool Kraken pics only went up this morning and already we've started to receive some killer entries. Congrats on the awesome pics, guys!]