Email FWDsWhile we're certainly fans and admirers of the art of the email FWD, we're also quite aware that many people aren't. When your mother, aunt or random third cousin puts your precious Gmail on their "jokes list," it's not long before your poor mailbox is peppered with unwanted emails, often featuring everything from dogs wearing Halloween costumes to even (!!!) David Copperfield-esque magic tricks.

Aside from sending them our way (seriously!) there's not much you can do to stop the funnies, unless you're bold enough to try StopForwarding.Com: a site that aids you in "politely and anonymously asking them to stop forwarding you junk email."

Let us just say it right here: use this site carefully, friends. Aside from offending your great aunt (she just learned how to use Facebook, for godsakes!) you also might be missing out on some serious LOLs. Don't say we didn't warn you.