Urlesque is headed to sunny Austin for the annual South By Southwest (or SXSW) festival. You may have heard of it because of its huuuuuge music component but did you know that there's also an "Interactive" portion? Like with actual kick-ass geeks showing off cool web stuff? It's true!

Truth be told, we're headed down mostly to party and hope that some interweb genius rubs off on us, but we'll also be relying on our reader Urlbots in attendance to help us track down the coolest parts of the gathering -- you know, like photos of sticker-laden laptops or the geekiest t-shirts around (there will be plenty, trust us on this one). We want YOU to help us out on this scavenger hunt of sorts, and also tell us a few stories from your internutty world.

Ready for the challenge? Want a few bucks out of it? Here's all you need to do:

1) Sign up for an account on Seed.com -- a site for readers and writers to get involved with Urlesque (and other sister sites on the AOL network) by submitting content or writing posts for our site... and potentially getting paid for it!

2) Once you're logged in, check out Urlesque's specific SXSW assignments on Seed. We're on a scavenger hunt for your stories and photos throughout the conference:

Social Networking Horror Stories


Impulse URL Purchases

Photos of Sticker-Covered Laptops at SXSW

Photos of the Geekiest T-Shirts Seen at SXSW

Photos of Networking Geeks Staring at Their Electronics

Photos of Retro Internet References at SXSW

(Links not working? Make sure you're logged into Seed.com to access these assignments.)

3) Submit your story/photos to Urlesque's SXSW assignments by "claiming them" using the links above. On the go? Check out the Seed mobile app, where it's easy to submit to an assignment when you're away from your computer. If you need guidance (or an empty outlet!), head on over to the Seed Lounge in the Austin Convention Center where the experts can show you how to get involved.

4) If we publish your story or photo on the site, you get mad bank! (Okay, maybe just 5-10 bucks per submission, but the more you participate the more you can possibly earn.)

5) Check back to see if your submission made it on Urlesque. On Tumblr, you can follow Urlesque outpost, People of SXSW for the latest photos from the conference.