You talk to your cat like it's a person; you dress it like it's a person; if cat food commercials are any indication, you feed it like it's a person; and yet for some inexplicable reason you expect it to drink like it's a cat.

Well not all cats feel particularly comfortable shoving their heads into a bowl of dirty floor water every time they get thirsty! Some prefer more dignified methods like, y'know, a cup. And when someone refuses to take a hint and get her one, sometimes said cat is forced to take desperate and adorable measures like dipping her paw into the water and licking the water off like it's a sponge.

We kid, Amanda, we kid. We know your cat's just a little loopy. But seriously, you should definitely try the cup thing. The only thing cuter than a cat drinking off its paws is a cat with tiny tea cups taped to its paws.

Update! This isn't the only cat who seems to be drinking 'like a weirdo'. Our friend Meredith sent in a video of her kitty Reno doing the same thing!

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