Urlesque Editor-in-Chief Stephen Lenz recently stumbled upon an amazing website: Jersey Shore Finger Puppets.com. As you'd expect, the website sells -- for money, real money, the kind that you are paid at your job -- finger puppets of the characters of 'Jersey Shore.'

I wish that there were so many websites full of finger puppets of stupid reality TV stars to show you guys, but there aren't. Major :-(.

Buuuutttt.....there is Etsy! You guys want to check out the craziest finger puppets on Etsy? Yeah you do. And I found loads. Check them out after the break.

First of all, yeah, you really need to check out the 'Jersey Shore' finger puppets:

So awesome. So so awesome. Luckily, Etsy manages to hold its own in terms of sheer weirdness, especially with its particularly mind-blowing celebrity finger puppets. Are there people jonesing for British punk band The Libertines finger puppets? Apparently.

Charles Darwin

Dolly Parton

Bob Dylan

Allen Ginsberg

Christina Hendricks

Jon Bon Jovi

Larry David

The Libertines


Mr. T

Michelle Obama

Martha Stewart

Then there are the just straight up weird finger puppets. These are just totally inexplicable to me:


Honestly, I Have No Idea
A Pirate?
A Root Child

Of course, some of them are just really adorable. Any of these would make a really sweet gift:

Happy Face
Uncertain Face

Also, there was one pretty webby finger puppet I spotted:

Brilliant. If you come across any other webby finger puppets, leave them in the comments.