This is the ultimate fan favorite. Many commenters argued that Boxxy should've been at the top of our list. It's relatively new, so we left it off -- but that doesn't diminish our love for the eyeliner-ed spastic vlogger. We'd go more into the history of the phenomenon known as Boxxy, but there's no way we'd be able to do it justice. If you're still confused, head on over to Know Your Meme -- where you'll certainly get your fill.

Urlesque unveiled the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos -- the most popular and memorable viral videos in the history of the web. Since there's a lot to sift through, we'll occasionally feature an individual video from the countdown. This particular video is part of the 14 Forgotten Videos that we either purposely left off or completely forgot to add (our bad), brought to you by the marvelous commenters on Urlesque, Digg, Reddit, BuzzFeed, I Am Bored and all of the other amazing sites that posted a link to our list. Thank you guys!