You guys, what does the internet do best? Okay, yes, cat videos, but also pranks! Pranks are the best! What is a classic vehicle for a prank? Okay, yes, telephones, but also porta potties!

I don't know what it is about young men and their friends. When I was a teenager, I only wished the best for my friends -- they were there for fun, company, and support -- but apparently most kids spend their time coming up with ways to trick their friends into unfortunate encounters with porta potties. Go figure.

Lucky for us, the internet has captured it all. After the break, check out 13 of the craziest porta potty pranks.

First up, here's a handy compilation of all the best moments from the individual videos, below.

Porta Potty Pranks

Police Prank

Floating Porta Potty

Shower Porta Potty

Stranger Porta Potty Prank

Head in the Toilet

Army Training

Japanese Porta Potty Pranks

Office Prank

Splash Prank

Water Balloon Prank

Failed Porta Potty Prank

Stink Prank

Microphone Prank

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