Wilbur SargunarajToday's biggest internet video comes from the hit "Love Marriage," an Indian pop song about not wanting an arranged marriage, from viral music sensation Wilbur Sargunaraj. But is it for real, or is Sargunaraj just a figment of some clever marketer's imagination?Here's the Love Marriage video for those who haven't seen it yet:

We hate to be so cynical, but this totally reminds us of last month's breakout musical geniuses, Die Antwoord. And they turned out to be a clever parody of South African rappers, not the real thing. (Not that that makes them any less entertaining.) So how do we know if Sargunaraj is the real deal? Well, there is his website, which is crazy enough to either be some genius Tim & Eric-style viral marketing, or the effort of one dedicated, design-blind individual. There are definitely some more music on there as well, including an "Official Concert Promotional Video."

According to his Facebook page (found by Brian Fairbanks over at Nerve.com), Sargunaraj lists his relationship status as "It's Complicated," which would certainly fit in with the theme of "Love Marriage." He's got a Canadian agent if you want to book him for your venue, but his official job is working at a call center in India. Which apparently leaves enough time in his schedule to make world-wide appearances.

So: real or fake you guys? And we mean this not in like "Is he a joking, Weird Al/Har Mar Superstar" musician/comedian, but does Wilbur Sargunaraj even exist? Or is he someone's Tony Clifton routine? And more importantly: does it change the way we feel about his rocking tunes?