ginger ale kit katOne of Japan's most treasured national secrets is the almost unimaginable array of Kit Kat flavors made and sold within the island nation's hallowed borders. Green Tea, Sports Drink, Raspberry Passion Fruit, and Corn are just a few of the many flavors that Jen, a Kit Kat enthusiast and teacher living in Japan, has tried and reviewed on her Kit Kat blog. And she's not the only one sharing the Japanese Kit Kat love. KitKat Addict is filled with experimental Kit Kat goodness as well.

At this point you're probably wondering why we don't get any of these crazy flavors here in the U.S. According to KKA "the significant difference between US Kit Kats and the rest of the world is that they are products of different companies. Kit Kat is produced all over the world by Nestlé. Except in America, where they are produced by Hershey." Luckily, you can log on to sites like Asian Food Grocer and Japan Direct Shop to get your fix.